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Potential FlexNet agent issues - Outdated machine inventory

In the company I work we were able to identify in the last weeks that some computers are not reporting the last and most updated inventory to FNMS.

We are still investigating the reasons with no resolution yet.... but would like to know if someone is facing the same issue.


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Check some computer & see tracker , Uploader & policy logs. You will find if agent is not communicating with beacon.

@durgeshsingh thanks but my main point here is to see if someone else is facing these issue as well.



When I do troubleshooting of the agent or expired inventory I do the following:

Start the troubleshooting from the agent upwards because that's the way how Flexera is communicating:

Check Flexera log on agents:

tracker.log - to see if the inventory is generated and uploaded

uploader.log - to see if the upload part is working

If you see that the data are going to beacon, then check the beacon server

I usually check if in Incoming folder are no inventory queued

If are the folders are empty and we are sure that the data are going to app server

we need to investigate in the app server

If it's an on prem installation, you can activate replication folder

and catch the ndi file, you can check there to see if the inventory are received, or you can check in the sql, FNMSInventory data base to check if you received the inventory there.

There are a lot of reason why an inventory is not received.