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Partial Active Directory users are available in FMNS accounts


We are having some active directory users are missing when we are trying to create user accounts in FNMS web portal .

But the AD synchronization was successful at beacon and we could see the ad inventory files are generated and uploaded from beacon server.

Awaiting your valued suggestions .



Junaid Vengadan   

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Did you check whether these missing AD users were extracted from AD and imported into the Inventory (IM) database? (You can use the  ADUser view (or ADUser_MT table) to check against with a SQL SELECT statement...) This approach will tell you whether you have to investigate the AD extract process further or whether it's the reconciliation process that somehow omits bringing over these users...

You may also want to create a support case if you need further assistance in troubleshooting the issue.


@emtmeta ,

The missing users are in the same domain as the one that is imported? Because if you have multiple domain you need to instruct beacon to import also the additional domains. 

By default the beacon server will import only the domain on which is installed.

Hello @emtmeta,

I have recently created the following KB on this topic:

Please let me know if this is of any help?

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@jjensen ,

thanks a lot

Will definitely look in to that and let u you all know the final results.