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Over Spent tile on the landing page, how calculated?

We changed the unit price on a number of purchases which adjusted the total prices of the products way down, however, the "Over Spent" tile on the lading page wasn't adjusted downward after a full reconcile.

Question is: what records do we need to update to get that tile calculation revised?


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Maybe there's still something cached for the dashboard? Or perhaps, your have the override unit price set for these licenses?

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Good idea, but no, there is no override price on any of these.

The idea of a cache makes sense but also seems flawed. We have probably been through 7-10 full system inventory & reconcile jobs since the changes were made but still no change. So it makes me think this dashboard is pulling prices from some other table or records other than the original purchase records (which again are what we revised lower)

@jq3i4h9u - An easier way to adjust the amounts calculated on the Management Dashboard is to simply open up a license, go to the Purchases tab, and type in an Override Unit Price.  This is less work than updating all of your Purchases.

Do this to your target licenses and then run a License Reconciliation.

The calculated amounts on the dashboard will be updated based on the Override Cost.

#1 - It begs the question, since I already resolved the unit price issues on the purchase records themselves, how come this gauge won't update? How is it calculated?

#2 - I just performed the override unit price on the target licenses and ran reconciliation on that target publisher alone. The gauge, however, remains unchanged.