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Over Spent Dashboard Tile

We recently saw the Over Spent amount on the dashboard balloon to a very large number.  Wanted to see if anyone knows how this is calculated as the amount is 10-20 times more then the total amount of all the purchases we have loaded into the system currently.  

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@goody612 - Look at the Override Unit Price field on the Purchases tab of your licenses.  If this value is provided, it is used on the Overspend Dashboard rather than any pricing provided in the purchases linked to the licenses.

A quick way to verify this is to add the Override Unit Price as an optional column to the All Licenses view.

None of our licenses are populated with a "Override unit price" value.  

Is it possible to see how this number is pulled from the DB?

The pricing information might also come from a purchase record associated with a license that has an unexpectedly high unit price. For example, if somebody enteres the total purchase amount gets as the unit price then you might see this kind of output.

I'm not sure exactly where in the database this detail will be coming from, but you could try executing the following stored procedure to see if it reflects what you're seeing in the UI:

EXEC dbo.Gadget_GetLicenseOptimization @Threashold = 0
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