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Outdated “Last Inventory Date” on imported Inventory devices


  • We have three inventory agents ADDM, Reporter and Splunk which brings in Inventory data from respective source applications using Inventory adapters.
  • ADDM is set as Primary Inventory data source.
  • When data is inserted into ImportedComputer table of FNMSCompliance database, it has multiple rows  for the same device from different inventory sources but dates do not get updated to latest dates based on source feeds. This has started happening recently.
  • When data is taken into ComplianceComputer table of FNMSCompliance database after Reconciliation job run, is entry with latest date taken into consideration?

Can you please help to identify why Last Inventory Date on devices is getting outdated sporadically? This is happening for the second time since last week.




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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I would normally expect the ImportedComputer.InventoryDate value to be updated to reflect the current value in the data source each time fresh data is read from the source. Exactly how this is done depends on each source:

  • For the ADDM source, the values are read from the Host.InventoryDate field in the staging database that holds data extracted from ADDM.
  • For the Reporter and Splunk sources, the details will depend on how the adapters to read data from these sources have been designed and implemented (these will be bespoke adapters, as there is no out-of-the-box integration with these sources).

The import "writer" steps that populate data in the ComplianceComputer table will take values from the ImportedComputer record with the most recent inventory date unless a value is available from the primary connection (which in your case is ADDM). If a value is available from the primary connection then it is used even if there are other ImportedComputer records for the same computer with more recent inventory dates.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the response.

What I have observed is - Inventory Date in ImportedComputer table do not get populated correctly sometimes based on the source feed. The inventory adapter is scheduled to run on daily basis but this behavior of "Inventory Date" not getting updated in ImportedComputer table is random. Any idea why would this happen? If I run Inventory adapter manually, then I have observed values getting synced.


Thank you!