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Oracle OUI Installer | NDI file install location not available

Hi Dear Community,

I have observed that as part of the agent's ndtrack execution which generates the inventory file a.k.a the ndi file in XML format contains a formal parameter know as the install location.

However, I have observed that Oracle OUI installers evidence don't have an install location parameter found in the ndi file. The question arises how do we know where on the server is the Oracle product installed(the path or location on the server)

I have attached snapshot_1 where OUI evidence has missing install location attribute and some OUI has it present. I have attached another snapshot_2 where such install location attributes are available without a problem

Any help around this fact would be much helpful!

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have you checked tracker.log file?

It could contain additional info about Oracle products which are discovered on the server. Usually the file contains one or in some cases many lines ending something like that "[...]/comps.xml' has been detected as a possible package registry".

The path in square brackets usually leads to some xml files which are sitting in old backup folders or were not removed during uninstall.

@Povilas  HI , 


I do find something like this - Does this mean that the OUI evidences that don't have an install location on the ndi file is something that is already uninstalled and is present in a back up directory which isn't ideally removed?

Can the path to those backup registries be either of the two in the snapshot attached?





Abhilash M

Hi Abhilash,

I think the best option would be to check those paths and see if anything is there or not.

False positive OUI evidences might originate from leftover xml files, but it's not an universal answer. I am not sure what exactly is an issue in your case - is it only the install location missing for some OUI evidences, or is it that you don't expect to see those evidences in NDI file at all.

In any case, tracker.log might provide additional insights and I would look for lines listing possible package registries.

@Povilas  It is just some OUI evidences not having the install location.

I would like to know where these leftover XML scripts be located on the server where the agent is deployed.


Thank you

Abhilash M

Default locations for tracker.log are:

  • Windows path: C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\
  • Unix path: /var/opt/managesoft/log/

So, depending on what type of server you have, you should look for tracker.log in one of those locations.

Then, in tracker.log find all lines having 'has been detected as a possible package registry'. You will find xml file name and the path where it's located on the same line. Note, that there might be multiple lines pointing to different xml files.