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Oracle Licensing

I am seeing consumption for both NUP & Proc metric (same database/instance) on a number of option packs.   Is this normal and only corrected via allocations or is something off?  What am I missing?



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Shelby,

What exactly is bothering you? That fact that the license types are mixed (NUP/Proc)?

I would say, as long as you have both license types in FNMS, the system will try to use them. As long as you're not taking any measures to "synchronize" license types for multiple products, It could lead to the situation you described.

"Syncronizing" could be done, as you described, using allocations. Or perhaps, by managing license restrictions?

Best regards,


What is "bothering" me is the fact that I have a database license consuming both a NUP and a Prod license. That cannot be correct.


When you say "a database", you mean different components, which from a FNMS perspective, are basically independent from each other? At least when consumption is calculated.

Would you think tagging an Oracle DB as "NUP" or "Proc", to force one license type or another, would help? How do you decide which databases to license one way or the other?

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@shelby_day  - Yes, when you allocate the Database itself to a license metric(Processor or NUP), then you must also allocate each license-able Option Pack on that database to the same license metric.