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Oracle Inventory through Adapter

We have FNMS 2019 R1 on-premise and installed Oracle Enterprise Manager adapter on Beacon server and configured as instructions given in Inventory Adapters and Reference Guide

Then installed ODAC122010Xcopy_32bit driver on Beacon server and follow instructions given in KB, after that restarted Beacon Service and Restart server.

and register DLL file of 64 bit operating system. we are able to test connection but got error while collecting inventory.

But still getting error that this error in OracleDBInventory.log "Message: OLE DB provider for Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle is not installed, Message: Error 0x800a0e7a "Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed." occurred while attempting to access "ADODB.Connection".


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Can someone answer my query ?


I wonder why don't you install FNMS agents on servers, and they will gather the oracle inventory automatically.

I personally didn't work with Oracle adapter, I only used in the past the connection with tnsnames.ora and remotely audited the servers, when I was on FNMS 9.2, how ever I encountered a lot of issues, port closed, accounts that are not working, etc. 

From my point of view  using the Flexera agent is the best approach.


By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion


You might need to have the Oracle SQLnet binaries installed and Oracle_Home configured.

In our company we use the light-agent for Linux instead to run local inventory as root. For the light agent you need to maintain the inventorySettings.xml which gets updated more often comparing to the agent.

Advantages is that you will get an improved inventory especially for options & management packs. You might also find oracle databases not registered in OEM if you have local inventory.

With the minimum version of 2019r1.2 and the inventorysettings.xml from September, alot of bugs have been solved that was showing usage in the wrong way

Error has been resolved after re-configured OLEDB drivers and restart Beacon server.