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Oracle Internet Application Server consumption?

My company is looking at purchasing Oracle Internet Application Server processor licenses in the near future.  The main goal is to install IAS on one server and several of the components on an additional server.  However I'm worried what this will do to calculated consumption.  When I look at the license in our lab FNM (based on SKU FLX-ORCL-100103), its only looking for "Internet Application Server Enterprise" when its calculating consumption.  Since only several components of IAS will be installed on the second server, how would I need to configure the license (change to a suite instead of standalone?) to get both servers correctly once the software is installed?  


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If there are stand-alone components of Oracle IAS that must be licensed along with the full server, then you only need to convert your license to a product bundle.  In other words, on the Applications tab of the license you can add the other stand-alone components.

On the Use Rights tab of the license, make sure that each of these additional products that you add are flagged as a "Primary" product and not as "Secondary" and also set the appropriate Upgrade/Downgrade rights of each product.

During a license reconciliation:
1) If any of the Primary Products are found on a server, then the server will be consumed against the license
2) If multiple Primary Products are found on a server, the consumption for the server will only happen at the server level and will not be double-counted