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Oracle Direct Inventory via Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN)

Hi all,

At a customer we have multiple Oracle databases sitting behind a Oracle Connection Manager working as a proxy server. The CMAN is configured for only allowing certain traffic (access control) and session multiplexing. The Oracle configuration is working as a shared server fail over setup.

This means, all connections must go via the Oracle Connection Manager and not directly to the Oracle host where the CMAN forwards the traffic to the correct backend host. As fas as I know the beacon server is unable to connect via a CMAN server. as the TNSNames points to the hosts directly. Since v12, using SID for connecting does not work anymore and is replaced by a service_name which could point to multiple hosts.

Unfortunately, the customer only allows direct Oracle inventory (via the beacon server) and not the inventory via the agent directly.

Anyone with the same challenge or a possible solution? Perhaps the use of the full agent is the only possible solution here?


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