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Oracle Consumption Licensable vs. Used


i don´t quite see well the difference between the "Licensable" and "Used" at the Consumption Tab for Oracle Packs and Options.

I see that Diagnostics might be licensable but not used (pre-requisite for Tuning). But what about others, f.e. Advanced Compression. How is to interpret a intsance flagged licensable but not used? Was a feature used in the past? Which column does contribute eventually for consumption?

Other reports are also a bit confusing. At the instance level there is only the column "Used" at the option tab available. On the contrary, on a customer report I have created following the Oracle Practice Guide, there is a column "License requiered". Is this then displayed in "licensable" on the consumption tab?

Knowing this, its also easier to look through the LMS archive. 


Other question, did anyone encounter the issue in Oracle Server Worksheet reporting incorrectly the usage of Options and Packs (Licenses are created).

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


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Hi Maria,

Please take a look at the Oracle Practice Guide which provides more detailed information. 

In regards to the issue with OSW, this is has been reproduced by our Development Team, and they are currently working on it.

I hope this helps.