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Opentext Recognition


does somebody has experience about how well OpenText products are automatically recognized by FNMS? Especially:

- Archive Center

- Content Suite Platform

- Documentum Platform

- RightFax


Thanks in advance,



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Within FNMS, if you navigate to License Compliance-->Applications-->All Applications, this provides a view listing every software titles in the Application Recognition Library (ARL).

Filter on the publisher name of "OpenText" and the application name such as "documentum" and you can see all of the components of Documentum that is recognized by FlexNet Manager.


For us it does a good job. 

If you are bleeding edge upgrades, you will need to regularly send requests to add evidence. That goes with most applications though so nothing new. 


Agree with @JeffVoss  here, if there are OpenText applications not covered, simply get an export of your unrecognised evidence (ideally filtered for OpenText using a field such as publisher) and then raise a support case asking for it to be added by our content teams.


If it's filtered just for the applications / publishers you need such as OpenText, it is a quicker turnaround than sending all evidence to be added.

(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera)
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I have been doing some reviewing of ARL submissions recently closed. I found that you can find that "Open Text" and "OpenText" are both valid publishers. Watch out for it.