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Old inventory date under evidence tab

In one of the machine ( screenshot attached) agent in running properly and the inventory date is latest, but the inventory date under the evidence tab is old.

Owner of the server confirmed the file path where inventory date is old have been cleared and no file such file paths exists but FNMS agent is still showing the traces. What is the best approach to clear such evidences? 

Refer to attached pictures for reference.

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I cannot think of a reason why if the agent is running that you would see different Inventory Dates on the Evidence tab of a computer.

Can you verify what version of FNMS you are running and also what version of the Agent is being used?

FlexNet Agent R1 2021 R1.3 but the machine is still showing traces of FlexNet Inventory Agent  2017 R3 with same old application inventory date, what's the reason for this?

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Community Manager

You might see this if there are multiple raw computer records that have been matched to the inventory device record you're looking at here, and one of the raw computer records contains old inventory that has accumulated and not been been cleaned up in the database for some reason. Looking at details on the Inventory Device Matching page could help to verify this.

Remediation of this for a single record would likely be to arrange to delete the raw computer record from the inventory database. For example:

INTO #Computer
FROM dbo.Computer c
    JOIN dbo.InventoryReport ir ON ir.SWDate < '2020-1-1'
WHERE c.ComputerCN = 'problematic-computer-name'

EXEC dbo.DeleteComputers

After doing a cleanup like this, hopefully you'll find the old data has disappeared after the next inventory import process has completed.

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