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O365 License Discrepancy

We have connected to O365 and understand that it creates licenses automatically after the import.  We are noticing that some of the licenses are being assigned an application while others do not.  

DesklessPack_GOV - This gets assigned the “Office 365 Plan K1 for Government” application

M365_G3_GOV - Does not get assigned any application, however there is the “Office 365 Plan G3 for Government” application that would appear should be getting assigned.  

I believe these are just placeholder applications so that something can be assigned and allow the license to not appear as incomplete?

Is this true?  And if so, should the M365_G3_GOV license be getting assigned the “Office 365 Plan G3 for Government” license automatically like the “DesklessPack_GOV” license is?  Understanding that we will never see actual consumption at the application level within the license.

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I can see that you're getting this resolved with Flexera's content team, and that it will be corrected with this month's SKU update.


If next SKU do not correct your point about alert from licence without application, you may just assign any application (or a local dedicated one), and alert (red square) will disappear. This is no dammage because such licence is using user online metric. For instance, I presume that "windows store" license will not be corrected by next SKU release, so you may use this workaround.



That is exactly what we have in place now.  Another question we had with the O365 licenses is if we should be assigning Windows Desktop to them so it accounts for the actual usage...or if it really is just the numbers from the portal.

It is better not to assign local application to the license, then usage will only information from Microsoft Portal. If you want to follow windows or local office usage, you can create ad hoc local license for that, with device metric for instance.