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Number of servers licensed

Hello All,

I have question about the number of servers licensed. The 2775 is the number  of servers that we can manage using our FNMS license.   Is the 2331 the number of active servers we have agent installed  plus number of VM hosts? We didn’t installed agent on VM hosts, the VM host are imported from VMware infrastructure task.  Is it necessary to make VM hosts to consume the license? 




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The number of servers that you see on the FlexNet Manager Suite License page is the total number of servers that FNMS is managing, not just the ones with the agent installed. You can find a list of all the counted servers on the Active Servers page. This page is accessible by clicking the hyperlinked number from your screenshot (2331 in your case). 

More information can be found in the Online Help for the FlexNet Manager Suite License page. The FNMS cloud version of this page is linked below.

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