Re: Migrate Data from FNMS 2017R3 to new FNMS 2019 (not upgrade)


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Hi All,

We have migrated succesfully from FNMS 2017R3 (tier 1)to 2019R1 (tier 3)as discussed in this post.

After the migration, every thing looked good and as expected on day 1.

However, on day 2 - We observed below issues

  1. Inventory import task is failing with error “Failed to import inventory devices with error message 'Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'cpuPackage' to data type int.'    
  2. Since above inventory import failing, recon is not working.
  3. “VMWare Inventory” page is not loading at all.
  4.  CLusters count got reduced from 200+ to 66 and hence the VM Host, VMs as well
  5. “Oracle instances” report showing 0 instances, down from around 200 records
  6. Subnets got unassigned from beacon automatically. On day 1, we have assigned around 3500 subnets from old beacon new beacon and all VCenter rules, SCCM integration ran perfectly. But on day 2,    1100 subnets got unassinged and over all subnet count got reduced to 2000 only.

We have raised a case (Case #01934832), however, the issue is very critical , need your urgent support/guidence

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Re: Migrate Data from FNMS 2017R3 to new FNMS 2019 (not upgrade)

Hi @ rajeshponnala,
Hope all your issues were sorted and could you please share your experiences and hurdles you came across during upgrade from 2017 R3 to 2019 and the approach you took as we are planning to upgrade 2018R2 to 2019R2.3/2020 R1 onprem in the next 3 months I have to start planning for the same.
Will have to take Ur steps as well from the procedures suggested by other forum members, to avoid the issues you faced.