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Matlab Toolbox Mapping?

Hello -

We've adopted both the FNMS and FNMEA in August of 2020 to help capture our software landscape. My question is; how can we track the consumption of Matlab toolboxes associated to our standalone license install counts or bundle our Matlab toolboxes per one-off purchase?

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It's not completely clear to me what you're asking for here. Therefore please forgive me for just coming with some suggestions that may not answer your specific needs but please don't hesitate to elaborate further if that's the case.

  1. You haven't described the license metric of the standalone license but if it's a named user license you can register it in FNMS against the user through creating a one-off purchase and processing this purchase.
  2. For tracking the consumption of a standalone license (which although dedicated to a specific named user may be beneficial from cost optimization perspectives) a quick Google search gave some hints as per MathWorks' community: Separately license additional toolboxesCan a standalone copy of Matlab _also_ access a license server (for additional features)? where the last link then leads to some more specific detailed answers about "how to": Is it possible to install an Individual or Designated Computer license of MATLAB and access Concurrent toolboxes? and How do I combine a Network Named User license with a Concurrent license on the same license server? You may as per this suggested approach be able to leverage FNMEA to report on "Named User" license consumption alongside "Concurrent Use" license consumption.

Please elaborate further on your needs and use cases and associated business outcomes if above suggestions didn't help.