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Mass Vendor Import

Good Afternoon! 


I was wondering if there is a import templet to do large amounts of vendor information all at once or if we have to create vendors one at a time..


Thank you!


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So the only way to import vendors into FlexNet is to create a new business import since there isnt already created one?

We have over 3000 vendors we work with so im just trying to avoid having my team create vendors one at a time. 

Well, technically you could push data to the database in different ways. A Business Import would just be the easy and supported way.

What is some of the other ways? Because we need to start adding this information now and we dont have time to get someone to build us a business import. 

  • You could use the SQL Server Management Studio to add stuff to the "Vendor" table.
  • If you're familiar with SQL code, you could write an INSERT statement.
  • Or use existing stored procesdures to create the data (maybe VendorAddBatch).
  • And, of course, you can still add stuff one by one in the WebUI.

Usually people start with an Excel or CSV list. To process these, a Business Import would still be the way to go.