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Mac Agent Installs Fine, Gets Initial Schedule. 12 Hours Later, The Check For Policy Updates Fails. What Is The Mac Agent Supposed To Do Next?

Hi all ...

I deployed the Flexnet Inventory Agent to a mac.  Installation completed successfully.  It received its initial policy and schedule from the bootstrap Inventory Beacon.  The agent logs all look fine.

About 12 hours later, the agent woke up to determine if there are any changes to the policy, as it's supposed to.  But upon waking up, there was no longer a connection to any Inventory Beacon because the mac was no longer on the network that has the Inventory Beacons. 

When this happens, does the agent still have its original schedule? Is inventory collection supposed to run according to the schedule initially downloaded, even if there's no network connection to an Inventory Beacon at the moment and it can't be uploaded right away?  Or does this condition prevent the mac agent from running initial inventory because even though it obtained an initial schedule, it couldn't check the schedule for updates so it considers the schedule to be invalid somehow?

I thought I'd see inventory collection occur with no upload, but instead I don't see a tracker.log file at all, telling me that Inventory collection never ran.


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Community Manager

Once the schedule is installed, it will "stick" - even if an execution of one of the events in the schedule fails or is skipped for some reason (for example, because a network connection is not available), subsequent event executions will continue to run as normal.

If the agent doesn't have a schedule installed (for example, because the agent was installed at a time when a network connection to a beacon could not be made to bootstrap the agent's configuration), it will re-attempt to download policy from any bootstrap beacon(s) configured on the next reboot.

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