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Still Failing

Still no change. I have checked with the DBAs and they say the DB Server is fine. They checked all log files, and nothing out of the ordinary. There is plenty of space on the DB Server, and after about 20 minutes the processer goes down to minimum. The App server is the same. There appears to be a lot of network traffic, but nothing happens. The update failed again yesterday. We do run it at non-peak hours. We start it on Sunday morning early, and most weeks it is still running Monday morning, and the only way to get our environment back is to reboot the server. And the log file disappears when it fails, so I have no way of attaching a new log file. It is gone.

I just attached a screenshot of the Task Scheduler. The Import ManageSoft ARL task doesn't have a Last Run date, but has (0x1) instead.
The Import ManageSoft Compliance data sources task ran all day yesterday, and bogged the system down. Yet the same process ran for just over an hour this morning.

gregholmes wrote:
Looks like the script stopped doing anything after about 20 minutes. Any change yet? Anything new in the log file?

Is your SQL server running ok? I'd check that and retry the import. Probably a good idea to run at non-peak times.
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