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List of SKUs that are not in SKU library

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We are working on reviewing the list of SKus that are not in the library, and determining which ones to send into FLexera to add them to SKu library. 

There is no way that I can see to run that list, without going into each product and re-entering the SKU to see if it is in SKU library. 

I can create an application list that shows me if Flexera added the application or "local" added, which would be us. 

How can I get that? Otherwise, I've been told that there is a URL that we can run the list of SKUs in Flexera. which I would then be able to match and find the ones missing. 

Not sure if the local SKUs are in the same table as the Flexera SKUs, but in either case, how can I create a report, and if it's custom, need the SQL to run it, since it doesn't show up in the tables in create report. 

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Hi schilnr,

If you are working with the on-prem version of FNMS and have access to the [FNMSCompliance] database, you can look at the [SoftwareSku] table (SKU column). In the current (#440) release of the SKU library, this table contains 1845825 rows.

Any reference from SKUs to Software Vendors and to Applications is encrypted and considered to be Flexera Intellectual Property (IP).

Any "Local" SKU data that have been created by manually entering a SKU value into a purchase order (PO) and processing the PO to a software license will not show up in the [SoftwareSku] table. This table contains data imported from the libraries that are provided by Flexera only. If you want additional SKUs to be added, you must submit these additional SKU together with the Vendor and Application data to Flexera.

You can use the [SoftwareSku] table for checking if your own SKU data are available in the Flexera library or not.

Working with the FNMS Web UI, you can use the standard PO import template for importing some dummy POs into FNMS. After completing the import, you can see in the view if SKU data are recognized or not. In the "Unprocessed Purchase Orders" view, you can add a filter on "Alert = SKU does not match" for filtering on the SKUs that have not been recognized.

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