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Limit SCCM import job

We are a FNMS Cloud customer and are setting up UAT environment to match as best as possible the prod environment.

We are looking at configuring the SCCM job and given 1000 device limit in UAT FNMS cloud is it possible to configure the SCCM inventory adapter to import only 500 devices?




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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


There is no default option to limit the number of imported devices, but you should be able to customize the inventory adapter. There is usually a step "BuildRelevantComputerList".  Adding a "TOP 500" to the select statement could result in what you're looking for. You might need to change the delete statement as well. Not sure if the Beacon will try to overwrite your changes, maybe you'll need to write protect the adapter files on the file system level.

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Thanks.  I found another thread on this topic which appeared to indicate that with cloud it was not possible as the Inventory Adapter code is updated from the "master" prior to any imports and your updates will be removed.  

Additionally, if you "disconnect" the beacon in order to run the inventory, there is an additional hash check to ensure that no code in the Inventory Adapter was changed and the inventory will be discarded and not loaded.

Not sure if this is still the case (am thinking yes) or as you suggested if protecting  the adapter files on the file system level would address.  Will try and test out.  I have found a few limitations with cloud versus on-prem that I am trying to figure out if I can still do another way.  Another example is inventory replication from prod to dev (ndi files) with web.config but that does not appear to be possible in cloud from what I can see.

If you could stage your SCCM data into an independent database, you could limit the number of datasets in this process. The original SCCM adapter would then only import from this limited staging database. Could be a complex process as the original adapter uses a function which is rather complex to properly re-create in a staging DB.