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License keycode assignment/Allocation

Hello, Hopefully quick question. If a Device showing in consumption with a keycode assigned falls off the network and no longer shows in Inventory, will Flex automatically free up that key or does that device need to have the key deallocated before the device drops off fully?


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Hi jiwaniec,

I'm assuming that with 'device keycode; you are referring to a software serial number associated with a license?

The software serial number is not used for matching devices with licenses for license consumption calculations in any FNMS license consumption rule. The Flexera agent - like most other Inventory agents- does not retrieve serial numbers from devices, at least not without customizations being done.

Basically, storing a software serial number on a license is done for documentation purposes.

So if a device consuming from a license that has software serial numbers stored falls off the network, the entitlement consumed by this device can be consumed by another device that has the same application installed. Any software serial numbers stored on the license don't have any impact.