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License 'Consumption' or 'Allocated' count is zero while inside License Properties values can be found under 'Installed' column


As we are using FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1.2 for SAM, recently we have uploaded P.O. details or procured information about Adobe CC licenses to FNMS.

We can find that under 'All Applications' or 'All Licenses>License Properties>Applications' numbers of installed applications are being reflected, however we are unable to find any detail under 'Allocated' or 'Consumed' columns from 'All Licenses' list view.

Attaching supporting screenshots for a better understanding. Kindly Assist.


Thanking you in advance!


Best regards,

Sourav Sengupta

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Your are using a Named User license type that means that you have to do user allocations by yourself to get a consumption count.

From FNMS Help:

"..Only installations associated with allocated users are counted. [...] Any other installations of the licensed application are treated as unassigned installations. For example, if Mary has also installed the licensed application but has not been allocated to the license, her installation will not be shown against installations of this license."