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License/Applications Upgrade/downgrades

Please refer to the attached Word document for screenshots to explain this question.

  1. We have two versions as the main apps (why two, I don’t know)
  2. Then, we have upgrade rights thru 2021 which should give us every version we have installed to date.
  3. Which it looks like it does.
  4. Question: Why does the license say version 50? I know it is because it is the highest version of the application discovered but how do we get the highest upgrade version to be listed without making any manual changes?

Thank You,

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Documentation on Copy Version and Edition from the Most Recent Application describes your options quite precisely.


Thank you for your reply.

Does this answer apply to FlexNet Manager On-Prem as well? This is what we have. 

Best Regards,

Jeff Kam

Yes, this applies to FNMS Cloud and to FNMS On-Premises