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Lease information not being populated in main asset form.

Asset is being linked to an existing lease but the lease information(Lease Number, Start Date, End Date) are not being populated in the asset financial tab for asset details.   I can show the asset is linked to the lease by searching for the lease and showing all associated assets and I also see in asset history it has been linked.

There was an issue reported long ago and I was wonder if this what is causing this still and if it will be fixed or a possible work-around using a business adapter or some other patch.

IOJ-1759885 Lease end date is not updating on the main asset screen but is updated in the financial tab Hardware asset management
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@kevin_christens - Based on my knowledge of this, FNMS is behaving the way it was designed to work.

Originally, the only way to record Lease information for a Hardware Asset was to enter the data on the Financial tab of the Hardware Asset.

At a later time, an alternate way to track Leased Assets was created, which is to create a Lease Contract and then link Assets to the contract.

These 2 methods at the present time are independent of each other.  If you want to link an Asset to a Lease Contract AND record the Lease information directly on the Asset, then these 2 updates must be made independent of each other.

If you want to have the lease information on the Asset be populated when the asset is linked to a Contract, that would require a change/enhancement to FNMS.

If you have leased Assets linked to contracts, then you can create a Custom Report filtered on just your Lease Contracts with the contract Expiration Date, and showing the Hardware Assets linked to that contract.

Thank you for the quick response.  Based on your comments, I added updates for lease agreement, lease start date, and lease end date to asset in the same business adapter that links the asset to a lease contract since the business adapter had to find the asset anyway.  Simple solution and will work for us.   I first had to modify the creation of input csv to the business adapter that links assets to leases to include the start/end dates.