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Last Inventory Source User Tab

Hello Dear Community,


I am confused on what the 'Flexnet Manager Suite' on Last Inventory Source attribute means in Users tab in Flexera?

I would love to understand the possible sources that could bring this value as last inventory source?

Thank you


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Hello @Cloaky ,

The 'FlexNet Manager Suite' inventory source refers to the InventoryManager (FNMSInventory) database.

For User records, it is most likely in this scenario that the data has come from Active Directory, as AD data is resolved into the InventoryManager DB, along with any data collected by the FlexNet agents.



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Related question:

After purging outdated users from flexera Compliance database, many of them got recreated during the import/reconciliation cycle with Last Inventory Source as empty, and with no associated inventory. How can outdated users get recreated in this manner?

User records will get created by an import process as long as they continue to exist in source data that has been/is being imported. I think whether the "Last Inventory Source" field gets set will depend somewhat on some details of where the source data is coming from, and it sounds like that field is not giving direct insight into the source in your situation.

You may be able to get some insight about where the source data is coming from by looking at records that exist directly in the compliance database. For example, a query like the following may help:

FROM dbo.ImportedUser iu
    LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.ComplianceConnection cc
        ON cc.ComplianceConnectionID = iu.ComplianceConnectionID


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