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Intrepid explorer

JAMF Adapter

Hello Dear Community,

I have a doubt lingering about , we have a JAMF adapter  - While the adapter brings in 42 applications with the publisher column populated on the FNMS UI [ours is a cloud implementation of FNMS]. The Mac OS X agent brought in 216 applicaitons when the proof of concept was completed via the agent.

Now coming back to the Adapter that brought in 42 applications with the publisher column populated on the FNMS UI - I am wondering how the publisher data is populated on the UI when brought through the adapter, as I do know now that JAMF doesn't support the publisher parameter in its JAMF meta data to begin with.

Thank you 

Abhilash M

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Flexera kclausen

Re: JAMF Adapter

I assume that the Publisher Name that you see within FNMS is on the Application tab of the device?

If yes, this is coming from the Flexera Application Recognition Library (ARL).  It means that for this application at least one of the raw evidence matching patterns does not use the raw publisher name for matching.  In other words, the ARL is able to recognize the application with only the raw software name and version.  If you go into the Details of this application and go to the Evidence tab and look at the matching raw evidence patterns, you will see at least 1 row of data where the publisher name is blank.