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Issue with DB Migration script while upgrading from 2017R2 to 2019 R!



Did anyone face any issue while upgrading to 2019R1 version with DB migration script?

I am facing issue during 13.0 to 13.1 and it is exactly at Running 'cm-migr1310-MigrateSAPRoleConsumptionBulkCopy.sql'.

I can see SAPRoleConsumption_MT being renamed as _OLD and the new SAPRoleConsumption_MT being created with one of the column's data type modification and the size is have of the old table.

Size is about 

Select count(*) from SAPRoleConsumption_MT_OLD  -  912123308 records

Select count(*) from SAPRoleConsumption_MT             -  470000000 records

If anyone know any solution to overcome this issue please let me know, initially I thought this huge size is something unique but later when I went through the documentation, this size is expected it seems.

Thanks in Advance,


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It appears that you already have a case with support that you are working on this. It would appear that the difference in data is the result of an error during the migration scripts execution. Since you already have a support case for this, it would be best to continue to work through that. 

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