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Is there a way to block a 'Public' Management view in FNMS

Hi, Is there a way to block a 'Public' Management view in FNMS in order that nobody can change anything and always keep the same view ?

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Hi @estefany_gomez,

I assume you are referring to the public management view in FNMS and how to customize the widgets displayed there, and that your organization is using FNMS Cloud. Are my assumptions correct?

In FNMS Cloud UAT environment, currently on 2020 R1.1 version, I can see a new feature to manage dashboard widgets; see attached screenshot. AFAIK this should be available in next monthly release for production environment, which I can see is scheduled for 03 September 2020 (AEST). Will the addition of this feature help to answer your question?

Let me know if that's not the case or you'd like to discuss anything else.

Cheers, Kent



If I understand this correct - you are looking to have the default view (in various places) in the FNMS UI to be unchange-able - i.e. always the same when you go to it - the same columns, sort order, etc.?

If that is the case, I think the best approach would be to lock down view creation to FNMS admins, as per attached screenshot, found in Accounts, Roles.