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Inventory not consuming license

Hi all, 

Our recent local audit activity found that a lot of Azure Inventories are not consuming Windows Server License. 

License assessment said "No consumption calculated, possibly because processor, core, or thread counts are missing from device inventory"

However we can see that the Processor, Core and Thread counts are properly populated in inventory Hardware tab which is coming from Flexnet Agent. It is true that the Cores and Thread counts are empty in Cloud Hosting tab (although we do have Azure connectors set up). Could this be the reason? License consumption for Azure machines are based on Cores and Thread counts in Cloud Hosting tab and not from Hardware tab?

Nevertheless as a one-off troubleshooting attempt, we updated the Cores and Thread counts in Cloud Hosting tab manually,  then reconcile the license (single publisher), unfortunately the inventory is still not consuming Windows Server license. 

I found @mfranz 's old post with similar error message here. The answer was because the VMs do not have their host. I am not sure if that is the root cause for our issue, since we won't have host detail for Azure servers, unless we are on Dedicated Host VM, which we are not. 

For information, we are on FNMS v2020 R1, and old Azure connector (AzureRM module).

Appreciate and looking forward to any reply from the forum here. 

Thank you. 

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Hi @onazlie  

Can you confirm the configuration of the " >>Use Rights & Rules >> License Consumption Rules >> Cloud Service Providers"  for the licenses that you expect this to consumption to happen against?


hi @Nico_Erasmus ,

thank you very much for responding. 

I confirm that the cloud service provider in this case "Azure" is selected in "License consumption rules" option.

Thank you.  And do the devices show as being:  Hosted in , Azure?