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Inventory Imports failure with transport level fail

We are facing Inventory Import and Reconcile issues continuously from past 6 days and the error we are seeing is Transport level error.

When we checked with the Network team and the DB team, they said there are no issues from their end but we are receiving the error continuously, we are seriously confused with this error, whether the error is showing wrong message or are we looking into wrong area to fix the issue, raised a case as well in community support but  they wanted to check the network between the Application server and DB server which is fine as per the Network team and server teams.

Please let us know if anyone else are also facing this issue and if so, please let us know how it can be resolved.


Srikanth M

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Could you provide any details, like

  • Have you tested DB access with other tools, like BAS or PowerShell
  • What's the high level architecture for 
  • Version and configuration of Windows and SQL Server
  • Log files?

Best regards,


Here is a KB Article on this topic.  One scenario to pursue is to ask your DBA Team if any jobs at the database level are schedule to run at the same time that your nightly FNMS reconcile is scheduled to run.

I have seen an issue where this was happening and it was determined that while the FNMS reconcile was running and the beacon was connected to the SQL DB source to extract data, the nightly database backup process would start and this would periodically disconnect the SQL session causing a Transport error to be reported in the FNMS Compliance Log.


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Can you post some details of what is shown in logging around these errors? That may give some further insight into the nature of the condition causing the dropouts.

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