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Re: Inventory Agent Configuration to Point to Beacon DNS rather than FQDN

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1.Did you configure the cert to use the alias

2.You have to add the alias to edit the BeaconEngine.config file


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Re: Inventory Agent Configuration to Point to Beacon DNS rather than FQDN

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Here are some notes to clarify points which were made earlier in this discussion thread which I think may not be quite correct:

  • @jjensen's initial pointer to set the networkname setting in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\DotNet\conf\BeaconEngine.config file as per https://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/fnms/EN/WebHelp/index.html#reference/FIB-WebConfigFile.html is the correct place to start here. Set networkname to the DNS name that you want agents to use when communicating with the beacon.

  • This information will be subsequently uploaded to the application server. I'm not sure of the schedule of this upload, but I've observed it can take some time. Maybe allow a day or so. Restarting the Beacon Engine service may help to speed this step along, although I'm not sure about that - it won't hurt to try. Once the information is uploaded to the application, it gets stored in the Beacon table in the compliance database that @erwinlindemann has mentioned. You should not seek to directly make changes to the contents of this table yourself; if you do make changes they are likely to be overwritten by the system at some point based on the information in the BeaconEngine.config file.

  • When each beacon in your environment updates its beacon policy, the latest beacon name information stored in the Beacon table will be downloaded as part of the policy and stored in the C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\BeaconPolicy.xml file mentioned earlier.

  • When each agent in your environment updates its agent policy, it will download beacon failover settings details to be stored in the registry. The beacon generates a Default Failover Settings.ndc file based on what is stored by the beacon in its BeaconPolicy.xml file. The agent downloads the .ndc file. Of course, the agent can only download this file if it is currently in a state where it can successfully communicate with a beacon. If the agent configuration has been messed up such that it cannot communicate with a beacon (e.g. because it has lost track of the beacon's DNS name), it will be orphaned until you manually do something about it.
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