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Installation and Consumption are not equal

Hello, we are trying to reconcile software consumption and installation with purchases for  our customers.

in FNMS when we go to Licensed Software>>Applications, we can see the installation is 4.  (see screenshot). 

But when we go to the All licenses screen, we can see the consumption is Zero.  Do you know why this is the case? 

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Hi @nandinisapru ,

there will be many factors to be considered for getting the consumption and installation of software doesn't mean that it is consumed.

1. what is the source of inventory and is calculation of software usage enabled?

2. consumption of the software depends on the product use rights.


@nandinisapru  - Oracle Active Data Guard is a Database Option Pack.  Per Oracle licensing rules, Database Option Packs only need a license entitlement is they are both "Installed" and "Used".  The usage is defined by the Oracle LMS Team and are measured by running a set of SQL Scripts against the Oracle Database Instance they are installed on.

If you want to effectively and accurately manage Oracle Database Licensing, you will need to use the FlexNet Manager Agent on your Oracle Database Servers, as the complications of Oracle Database Licensing rules built into the FNMS Agent are verified by the Oracle LMS Audit Team.