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Inplace Upgrade Flexera Servers

Hi All, 

We are planning to do Inplace upgrade of an Application, Beacon, Cognos and Database server(from Windows server 2012 to 2019) .

Can anyone please help me to define a  plan with the necessary operations?

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I just updated a few system, in place, and didn't encounter any issues. If you have a test environment I would advise to do it 1st there.

Follow the update documentation. It is actually fairly good. 

If you are running out of the box and FNMS is able to auto install beacons and clients it should just flow. 

Back up your credential stores on the beacons, I have seen it cause issues in the past. 

Re-read your description. You are not doing an inplace upgrade.

Use the KB article to migrate your database first.

Are you using the built in adoption from FNMS or do you use 3rd party delivery of agent software? (very important)

Agents will remember the original installation server name provided in the ini file and it can cause upgrade problems when you migrate as you are. 

your web, application, cognos servers are installed from scratch. 
you will need to install beacon software on your new beacon servers. 

I use 3rd party so not sure if adoption will allow you to migrate the agent from one environment to the other. For 3rd party best to uninstall (and clean up files and registry that are missed) then install new agent. 

Hi @raviladhawala,

You may find the discussion in the following article covers your question:

It appears that you are likely to encounter less issues setting up a new environment as mentioned.