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Incorrect(spelling) Vmhosts name in Flexera

Hi All,

We have a vcenter of around 5 hosts. To inventory this Vcenter and its hosts we have configured a discovery and inventory rule with VMware infrastructure action enabled.

Vcenter and all its 5 hosts are getting inventoried successfully. However one of the name of the host is not correct.

Example: on Vcenter UI it is showing as Test123 but on the FNMS it is showing as Tst123 ('e' is missing). ndi file created during the execution also contains the incorrect filename ( at 20221205T102929 (VMware).ndi)

Did anyone faced similar scenario, if so how to identify why it is showing the incorrect filename?

Thanks in Advance.


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Try adding "VM name" from column chooser to your inventory view.  For many in our environment we get this sort of output (not all, though).  Look at the name of the *.vmx file and see if that matches the *.ndi file name you are concerned about.


example: ds:///vmfs/volumes/580f8bc4-e0b9ce00-c43e-1c98ec15e9f8/New TRF-ITS-DB7 - BMR/New TRF-ITS-DB7 - BMR.vmx

By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

@sasikumar_r ,

Just a thought are these Windows hosts? As I have seen this before that the VMware container name differs to the actual host name of the guest.

What I would look for is this > 

Look at the hostname of the actual guest, I would the hostname of the actual guest to be representative of the .ndi Tst123 for example - so this could be your first clue. 

I'm not sure if you are using FNMS or ITAM - but I would then look in "All Inventory" and use the column chooser and also select VM name - as that takes the container name if you are also connected to vCenter inventory.

Let me know how you get on 🙂