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Incorrect File Contents

Getting Error while installing Flexnet Agent on Windows machine

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Are you using a load balancer? If so, do you have sticky sessions enabled? The agent needs to hit the same beacon to download all of the policy items for a single run to ensure the files received match what was listed in the initial npl download


Yes, we are using LB but this error is appearing over new devices as well. 

When you install the agent on new devices do you use the LB for the bootstrap beacon or specify a specific beacon? If you are going through the LB then it doesn't matter if it is a new install or old install, you need to have sticky sessions enabled. When the agent requests policy it gets a file that points to multiple files that need to be downloaded for the entire policy task to complete successfully. All of the requests for that single policy run need to go to the same beacon to ensure that the file being downloaded matches what was set in the initial npl download.