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IOJ-1920400 -- ADDM not creating VM inventory (merged unexpectedly)

How can I find out what the status is with this issue?

Basically, Windows Virtual Machines being removed as duplicates since they are being treated like Physical computers.

ie. Match by manufacturer, model and firmware serial number for physical computer with no host ID

Windows Virtual Machines do not have a HostID. It is not one of the attributes in BMC.




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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@dawn_griffin - I would suggest reaching out to Flexera Support to discuss this one. I just took a look at the history and the last activities shows somebody was trying to get some more information about the scenario in order to better understand it and further consider what might be able to be done about it, but they couldn't get any further information at the time. If you are able to work with the Flexera Support team to get additional information that will help the Flexera Engineering group understand the matter better then that may help to move it forward.

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