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IBM "Client" License

Has anyone ever heard of IBM PVUs being calculated against a "client" license and if so, how does one differentiate that a client "license" is in use as opposed to a full license.  I keep getting push back on this.

Thanks in advance!


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@shelby_day - When you say "Client" license, are you referring to how PVU Points are calculated when IBM Software is installed on a client device (Laptop / Desktop), as opposed to when IBM Software is installed on a server?

Is is this in reference to something else?


I would be interested in this topic and yes Kirk, my question would be exactly that, e.g. if a product is only available in PVU metric, however the installation is a standalone client installation on a laptop, a license auditor would have no choice but to count the PVUs on the laptops. This can be very expensive as the i3/i5/i7 quad core processors would consume 280 PVUs each. The alternative would be to change to a client-server installation  because then unlimited number of clients could access the server software. This however may not always be feasible from a technical perspective. Any thoughts? 

Any thoughts from anyone?