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IBM - Appliances

Does Flexera calculate Consumption for IBM Datapower Gateway Appliances? I know Flexera Agents cannot be installed in Appliances but how about the consumption

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Level 15 Flexeran
Level 15 Flexeran

FlexNet Manager need the hardware and software inventory from a device to calculate consumption.  In the case of an Appliance where the agent cannot be installed, your options to capture inventory would be:

1) Use the FlexNet Manager Core Executable method (where the NDTRACK is copied in a local folder and then launched on a scheduled basis with a cron job)

2) Importing the inventory for this server via the FlexNet Manager Flat File Inventory templates

3) Importing the inventory from a 3rd-party source

Flexera Agents cannot be installed in Appliances but how about the consumption. As Appliances are hardware based, do we need to use Flexera service account and whitelist the service account and then work on the NDTRACK option? Similar to Vcenters?


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kclausen already outlined your options in his earlier response in this thread.

If you're asking in context of option 1) then you need to run NDTRACK locally with an account that has root level access to the Linux OS to let it collect the hardware and software inventory.


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