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Hyper-V integration

We have the Flexera agents deployed across the organization. However, for some reason, the relationship between the HyperV Host and the VM is not getting captured, like it gets captured for VMware.  These VM are showing up with alerts "this VM does not have a host".  How do we automatically collect this information. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hello @flexeranoob,

Is the agent locally installed on both the host machine and each of the VMs?

Common data from the BIOS for the guest OS (that is, the serial number of the virtualized hardware) is matched to the host's list of
guest serial numbers. If you inspect the .NDI file for the host, do you observe the guest serial numbers appearing within?

If local installation is not always possible, then remote inventory from a beacon is an alternative option, see below for further information:

Specifically, the following sections:

Discover Microsoft Hyper-V
Gather Microsoft Hyper-V hardware and software inventory



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@flexeranoob - Yes, you must run the FlexNet Agent directly against each Virtual Machine under the Hyper-V host AND you must run the FlexNet Agent against the actual Windows Server that is hosting the Hyper-V service that is acting as the VM Host.

Hi @kclausen , 

What about Discovery and Inventory rules for HyperV, will this option not gather the HyperV Host details.?

The Virtual machine details are gathered Successfully using discovery and inventory rules , but not the Host information. Is it mandatory to install Agents on windows server that is hosting HyperV? 

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The 'Discovery and Inventory rules for HyperV' are a 'red herring', similar to the Discovery and Inventory rules for Microsoft SQL Server.

In contrast to VMware - where the Flexera Beacon is contacting the VMware API for retrieving additional information including the Host/Guest relationship - the effect of these HypverV and SQL Server rules is that the device is targetet for 'remote inventory'.

Basically, this means that the Beacon is trying to use RPC calls for running the Flexera agent remotely on the target device. As this 'zero touch' inventory has a lot of prerequisites including configuring an Administrator account for the target systems on the Beacon, installing a Flexera agent on the Host running Hyper-V generally is a better option.

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