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How to set debug level or run it in verbose mode.

Hi all,

I have a target where ndtrack output is "Could not upload inventory..."

So I'd like to run the ndtrack in debug mode to have more information or with verbose.

Does any of you know the flag to set ndtrack in verbose mode or debug?

Does any of you evere seen and solved this error?



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Hi Marcog,

in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory PDF document, there is a chapter titled "Troubleshooting Inventory"

Starting on Page #139 in this PDF, you find some documentation on how to use a 'etcp.trace' or 'ndtrack.trace' file for increasing the amount of information that the agent writes to the "tracker.log" file.

For troubleshooting this sort of problem, it is recommended to:

  1. Check if the Beacon(s) configured for uploading can be reached from the device running the Flexera Agent using HTTP (or HTTPS)
  2. If Beacons can be reached, check the IIS Logs on the Beacon for any error messages

Hi @marcog ,

Can you please check uploader.log and tracker.log file, there you should see why the agent can't upload your inventory file to beacon.

Usually the reasons, are beacon is not reachable, no policy on server, certificate error if you use https communication, dns error when the dns will not resolve your fqdn for beacon. 

checking the uploader.log and tracker.log for sure will give you some hints why is not working.

in which path can I find uploader.log and tracker.log?

The default installation path for the complete FlexNet inventory agent on UNIX-like platforms is:
Log files for the complete FlexNet inventory agent default to: