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How to schedule a report in FNMS

Please share the steps on how to export the report as per the schedule set in FNMS

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion
What report do you want to export and which schedule do you mean?
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All applications reporting to FNMS need to be scheduled a s report to send via emailid

Hello Krupamayee

See if helps. there is an existing enhancement request already of this one 'FNMS-53937' - Schedule the export of FNMS reports


Of course if your company hasn't yet reported the same to support team. I will suggest reaching to your local support team and pass this enhancement ID . The support team will add your request to the existing customer name lists to gain the priority to our product manager





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Hi Kevin

Within the Cloud vs. OnPrem slides for 2019 R1, I saw that FNMS is able to schedule reports per Mail only with the OnPrem version. Exact naming is:  "Publish Scheduled Reports via Email"

Can you please show the needed steps ?




@davidwaldner - This is performed through the FNMS Analytics Module powered by IBM Cognos.