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How to handle Oracle ESL (Embeded Software License) license


I'm currently diving into our Oracle Licenses and found that we have some Oracle embeded licenses that came from a third part business application.

Licenses are for Oracle database standard edition and I wonder how to manage these king of situations in Flexera as I didn't find information in the Oracle practice Guide from Flexera.

What is the best approach :

- Manage exclusions for devices/users related to ESL license in the Oracle standard Full use license ?

- or create a dedicated Oracle database ESL license for this specific usage and allocate Users/Devices of the business applications ?

Your comment will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 16 Champion


As in other complex licensing situations, there is no definitive solution, maybe not even a best practice.

  • Dedicated licenses may make some things easier, e.g. if you want to report on the ESL situation.
  • But they might also introduce additional complexity and new error sources.

I would go with the least complexity, meaning exemptions in existing licenses.

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@Run4Fun - either approach that you've described would work just fine in terms of allowing you to track a license position. However to best make the data held in FlexNet Manager Suite model the real world, I think creating a separate license record for the Oracle Database installs covered by the embedded license is probably going to be the clearest way to approach this: this will allow you to attach appropriate contracts, purchases and documents to that license record to keep track of the actual terms of the embedded license separately from terms you have for direct (non-embedded) licenses covering regular Oracle Database installations.

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Level 7 Flexeran

It's worth considering using the bundling capability, depending on the metrics of the ESL. You can bundle third party applications in a license. 

Natalie Overstreet Lias
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