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How to get the blade enclosures

Dear All,

The blade enclosures (blade chassis) are physical device which contains multiple hosts, network devices, and other components, How we will get this information to FNMS 2020 R1. We integrated with ADDM, Our ADDM tool get these information. So is there any possible to get this information from ADDM. Please provide information if any one have experience on this.


Sreerama Yenuga 

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Hi @sreeramyenuga ,

I wonder what value add we may bring to the table getting this hardware data imported from ADDM into FNMS and how will it benefit your SAM/HAM operations in FNMS. i think FNMS don't have the tables to accommodate this kind of data as its not designed for such data gathering and not sure if it can be achieved via a custom integration.


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Hi Sreerama,

Contrary to Inventories, Hardware Assets in FNMS can have a parent-child relationship.

You could use a simple Business Adapter for importing the information on blade enclosures as well as on devices from ADDM as assets and sub-assets.

The blade enclosures will become your parent assets and would not be linked to any Inventory data, as an enclosure is not a device asset (not running any operating system). The blades contained in the blade enclosure will become sub-assets that are linked to the parent enclosure asset, and will generally be linked to an inventory.

In this scenario, both Inventories as well as Assets will be imported from your ADDM data source.