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How to collect "Digital access data"?


Hi all,

I want to know how to set up SAP connection on the beacon and to collect SAP's Digital access data. In my experience to try out 1) unable to find out the SAP connection on my beacon. 2) Unable to see the data on WebUI on the related TAB

The attached is answer on this community but I can't find that application on my beacon.

Can anyone help me to setup to collect digital access data on FNMS 2020 R2?




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Does your FNMS License Key include the feature to use FNMS for SAP?

Yes it does include.

Hi @smithlee 

Do you see this options on your beacon UI?  You may add SAP system from the highlighted option shown in attached screen shot. 



If you don't see "SAP Systems" then you must have beacon installed on FNMS server.  You will need a standalone beacon. 



Diggesh H Joshi

Hi, yes I installed beacon as standalone on FNMS Web App.

I run a single server for beacon and FNMS WebApp. and there is correct license for FNMS for SAP.

Please see the attachment but there is no menu for SAP.



Smith Lee


You need to have beacon installed on separate machine if you want to see SAP System connection.

Do NOT install on the server where FNMS Web App is installed.  



Diggesh H Joshi