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How to add Enterprise Agreement Purchases


I am not sure how to correctly add Microsoft Enterprise Agreement purchases in FlexNet Manager.

What I did:

  • Added a purchase for every product in the initial Invoice ( for 1st year) of the EA 
    • Purchase Type = Software maintenance
    • set Effextive and Expiry date for Maintenance according to the invoice
    • Entitlement Status = Enabled
  • Created a license and added the puchase to the license

Desired result (in the license record):

  • Entitlements = Assigned entitlements from the purchase
  • Upgrade rights activated until the "Expiry Date" for the maintenance, after that the licenses remain, only the upgrade rights are deactivated

What happened:

  • License entitlements = 0
  • Purchase records were shown as expired


Are there any best practices about Microsoft Enterprise Agreement purchases/licenses?

I could not find anything specific in the documentation.


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Anita,

Have you checked the Microsoft Pratice Guide from the Learning Center?

Best regards,


@anitam19  - I agree with @mfranz that you should reference the Microsoft Practice Guide.

In effect, when you sign a new EA Agreement, you will typically start by renewing Software Assurance for the products carried over from the prior EA.  FlexNet Manager interprets a purchase of "Software Assurance Only" as a maintenance renewal and not as a true entitlement.

For example, if you were to import your purchases from your previous EA, then you would have a Software License in FNMS with valid entitlements that you could apply the new SA Renewal towards.

Basically, if you have a purchase of "SA Only", you must first have a valid Software License in FNMS with baseline entitlements that you can apply the SA Renewal towards, which would then extend the "Upgrade Until Date" of your baseline license.