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How to Verify that price is coming from all PO's and not just some

Hi All,

I am trying to find away on how to verify that price is coming from all PO's and not just some.

So far from what I understand, I go to Procurement > Processed Purchases and filter purchase order based on "Purchase is missing unit price". Is this the correct logic?

If not kindly advise further.

Thank you in advance.



Aftab Ansari

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Level 14 Flexeran
Level 14 Flexeran

If you import/create purchases without a Unit Cost, the default value of 0.00 is applied to the new purchase (rather than a blank value).

Go to the All Purchases view and add the Unit Price column to the view.  You can either filter on the Unit Price, looking for a unit cost of 0.00 (or the equivalent based on your Local Currency), or sort on the Unit Price column so that the purchases without a cost are  seen first.

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