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How long are Beacon Alerts "active"?

During the setup of a beacon, we encountered some problems causing an alert to show up on the Beacon status page. "Last download of packages for managed devices failed. Check the log file on the beacon server." I believe the problem has been resolved but the alert persists. Does the alert stay active for a certain number of days before it gets cleared? I click on the "eye" next to the alert to try and clear it but it still remains.
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Hi John, The alerts don't 'time-out' and clear on their own - they alerts will disappear when FNMS gets subsequent status updates from the beacon with updated status. If the beacon has an issue with uploading status messages then the status will never update so I suspect that your beacon has a queue of work to do or is just taking a while to finish uploading any build up status files. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting for the dust to settle... If you can confirm there are no pending uploads on the beacon though then there would really be different issue to look at. -Murray

Murray, thanks for the response.   I can confirm the uploader has completed and all of the beacon status messages, etc are up to date. In the beacon activity status page, the package download failure messaged stopped as of yesterday at 5pm. This is why I thought the alert has some persistence. As you say, I will wait for the "dust to settle" and see if the alert goes away after a day or two.

I can now confirm that the alert on the beacon is gone.   I don't know if the fact 24 hours has now passed since the problem was resolved is related or coincidental,  but "letting the dust settle" seems to be the right answer.   Or another way to think of it is the alert persists for 24 hours.