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How does Oracle dba account map to root account of system?

Hi Flexera,

I have question about the logic to map between oracle sysdba and root account.

If there were multiple oracle account related to multiple sid on one single host.

then, how does Flexera agent gather oracle inventory for each inventories through root account? how to map oracle sysdba account from root account of system?

I want to know about mapping logic in detail.




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Are you asking here about how the FlexNet agent identifies which user to make connections to Oracle Database as?

In general (with typical usage/default configuration):

  • On UNIX-like operating systems, the agent impersonates the user that discovered Oracle *_smon process are running as. So if the *_smon process for an Oracle instance is running as the user "oracle" then that user will be impersonated and sqlplus commands are executed as that user.
  • On Windows connections are made as the account the ndtrack process is running under (which is typically SYSTEM under normal system conditions).
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